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I hope you enjoy these tales of the past as much as I do.  As with each family, these memories should always live again and again.  More tales will be added as time goes by.


Revolutionary War Ancestors

Operation Just Cause

James Penny, D. A. R. Burial Honors

War of 1812 Ancestors

Civil War Ancestors


If you are Over 40 then click here to see if you remember some of the things I do!  Contributors requested!

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If you a source from someone else make sure you give them credit in your source note!


The Flying Angel - Banished from New Amsterdam during 1600s

Dirck - Early Settler into New Amsterdam in the 1600s

Lydia Gilbert - Hanged for Witchcraft, 1654 in Windsor, Connecticut

For an excellent webcast on the Salem Witch Trials (Lydia Gilbert was executed during the same period of witchcraft hysteria) go to's Salem Witchcraft series link.  Excellent historical presentation.

A Little South of Lone Oak - The Thorntons Go to Texas from Missouri

The Tullos Toughs - Rough & Tough Louisiana Oilfield During the 1940s

Raymond D. Fox's WW II Ship -  Okinawa and The Surrender of Japan

Soldier image used with permission of Old Time Clip Art


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