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Family Images
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Naturally these photos only mean something to other family members and it is for them that I post them.  For those below who have passed on... They Live Again here.

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Agatha Virginia Faulk Noble
agathafaulkyoung.jpg (4410 bytes)
Agatha Faulk Redditt1

Carrie Thornton

Elizabeth Grayson

Frank E. Morgan

JR Thornton

Zula Penny
faulksisters.jpg (4102 bytes)
Agatha Faulk Redditt (m) & Sisters1

Hiram D. Fox

Norman Gilbert Fox

Ruby Thornton

Richard T. Fox

Raymond Donald Fox


Richard Fox & Children

Richard Norman Fox

Agatha Virginia Morgan
  & Frank Morgan

Raymond Donald Fox
& Sharon Ann Fox

Henry Vaughan

Virginia Noble Vaughan 
"Our Ginny"
youngrwwhite.jpg (2773 bytes)
Robert White Faulk1
smwilliamsyoung.jpg (4008 bytes)
Susan Mary Williams1

5 Generations (L to R)
Susan Mary Williams, Agatha Virginia Faulk,
Sue Williams Noble, Suzanne Vaughan Ford,
Eliza Noble Vaughan (Mutsy)

A Day in Tullos (L to R)
Ruby Thornton, Agatha Morgan,
Norman G. Fox, Raymond Fox II,
Raymond Fox, Virginia N. Vaughan

noblefamily.jpg (21066 bytes)
Hanging Out on the Porch (L to R) 3
Possibly Eliza Noble, Charles Mark Noble I for certain, possibly Henry Vaughan, possibly Agatha Faulk Noble, possibly Mary Faulk and possibly Earnest Faulk

Frank Morgan Sr & Zula Penny

Abbey Skillman
WileyPMorgan2.jpg (37416 bytes)
Wiley P. Morgan

Mary Jane Vaughan

 1Photo Courtesy Karen Everritt     2Photo Courtesy Veon Zentner    3Photo Courtesy Charles Noble

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