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Listed below are documents related to this lineage.  If you have any documents that you would contribute please let me know and I'll be glad to add them to the growing collection.  


Some documents below are large and make take some time to download - please be patient.





Stuart, Noble, Grayson, Hatch, Bowden - This fantastic 7 page chart was drawn by my Great Granduncle, Charles M. Noble in 1935 and later revised.  It details many of the individuals described on this site.  Courtesy of Faye Waldrop Johnston and the link is used with permission of the Grayson Surname Resource Center



 Will of Major William Boarman 1708 (Transcription)

 Will of William Boarman 1720 (Transcription)  

 Will of William Baldwin 1720 (Transcription)

 Will of Derrick Volkerson 1752 (Translation)

 Will of Joseph Collins 1757 (Image & Transcription)

 Will of Lewis Collins 1783 (Large Image)

 Will of Thomas James Boarman 1784 (Transcription)

 Will of George Gayden 1819 (Image & Transcription)

 Will of William Morgan 1830 (Image & Transcription)

 Will of James Penny 1834 (Image of Copy)

 Will of Elizabeth Morgan 1852 (Image & Transcription)


Captain Hiram Morgan's Confederate War Records (Large Image)

4th Sergeant James S. Penny's Confederate War Records (Large Image)


 Agatha Faulk Noble Courtesy of Karen Everritt


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