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Permission is granted to copy or publish this material provided proper credit is given to They Live AgainThis is ethically the correct thing to do and I hope you will do so.  Due to the limitations of Gedpage not all source information is shown on this family sheet.

All data is privatized for those who are or may still be alive in accordance with They Live Again's Privacy Statement.  Once I have permission to release information from the living individual I will then forward the data.

Family Tree Names

Linle, Sarah (-ABT. 1669)
Lloyd, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Long, T. L. (Private-)
Lord, Amy (30 NOV 1626-8 JAN 1690/91)
Lord, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, Joseph P. (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, Mary Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, Nina (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, Simley (-UNKNOWN)
Loudon, William (-UNKNOWN)
Loving, (-UNKNOWN)
Loving, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Loving, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Lowder, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Luther, Elizabeth (3 APR 1696-UNKNOWN)
Luther, Hexekiah (1639-30 JUL 1723)
Luther, John (1610-25 MAR 1643)
Luther, Nathaniel (25 APR 1665-12 APR 1719)
Lydia, (Private-)
Lydia, (-UNKNOWN)
Lydia, (-UNKNOWN)
M., Ellen (1878-UNKNOWN)
MacWaters, Margaret Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
MacWaters, Unk (-UNKNOWN)
Mackmallen, Elizabeth (1658-UNKNOWN)
Macy, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Macy, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Madden, Mahala (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margarey, (ABT. 1454-UNKNOWN)
Marmanon, Mary (1847-UNKNOWN)
Mars, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Marshfield, Abilene (-UNKNOWN)
Marshfield, Hester (6 SEP 1667-UNKNOWN)
Marshfield, Josias (29 SEP 1665-UNKNOWN)
Marshfield, Margaret (3 DEC 1670-12 JUN 1758)
Marshfield, Samuel (-8 MAY 1692)
Martin, Elizabeth (1793-11 OCT 1834)
Martin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (1655-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mathews, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, John (-UNKNOWN)
McIntosh, Agnes (-13 JUN 1901)
McIntosh, Cornelia Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
McIntosh, John Harding (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Bernard (Private-)
McKenzie, Carrie (Private-)
McKenzie, Charles (Private-)
McKenzie, Charles (Private-)
McKenzie, Lynn (Private-)
McLain, Jessie (Private-)
McLees, (-UNKNOWN)
McMortie, (-UNKNOWN)
Medley, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Merriman, Jamina Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Merston, John (-UNKNOWN)
Mhoon, Mary (29 DEC 1875-29 NOV 1906)
Michalka, Florence (Private-)
Miles, Charles J. (-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, Elizabeth (8 APR 1769-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, Jane (23 MAR 1771-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, John (18 AUG 1775-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, Samuel (11 DEC 1742-3 NOV 1817)
Millikan, Sarah (18 DEC 1777-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, William (1 APR 1773-UNKNOWN)
Milraid, Rose (-UNKNOWN)
Molsby, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)
Montieth, (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Agatha Virginia (Private-)
Morgan, Alice Dean (ABT. 1851-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Annie Maud (13 APR 1880-31 JUL 1880)
Morgan, Benjamin (1816-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Benjamin F. (1840-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Charles E (1848-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Daniel Rivers (1840-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Diana (1822-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Elizabeth (-19 SEP 1773)
Morgan, Elizabeth (1820-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Elizabeth (1844-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Emerson O'Yama (29 NOV 1902-28 JUN 1992)
Morgan, Fielding Bradford (1812-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Jr., Fielding Bradford (31 JUL 1846-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Florence Irene (26 JAN 1893-1 OCT 1895)
Morgan, Frank Elwin (Private-)
Morgan, Frank Elwin (Private-)
Morgan, Frank Elwin (3 FEB 1866-22 DEC 1937)
Morgan, Frank Elwin (14 MAY 1900-ABT. 1985)
Morgan, Helen E (14 AUG 1891-14 APR 1954)
Morgan, Helen Eulalee (3 JAN 1874-3 JAN 1956)
Morgan, Henry Grady (1888-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Hiram (1825-1863)
Morgan, Ida (8 JAN 1877-13 MAR 1957)
Morgan, James (1809-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, John (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, John (1850-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, John G. (1813-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Judith (Private-)
Morgan, Judith Lena (30 APR 1896-16 FEB 1969)
Morgan, Leah Ann (Private-)
Morgan, Lewis (1861-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Linda Louise (-4 DEC 1952)
Morgan, Louise (Private-)
Morgan, Mary Ann (1837-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Napoleon Bonaparte (1835-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Penny Jo (Private-)
Morgan, Phebe (1805-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Rene Fielding (28 OCT 1904-1 DEC 1988)
Morgan, Rosalyn (Private-)
Morgan, Victoria C. (ABT. 1837-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Wiley (4 NOV 1807-20 MAY 1871)
Morgan, Wiley (13 APR 1880-31 JUL 1880)
Morgan, Wiley Faust (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Wiley Pliney (27 JUN 1842-5 DEC 1893)
Morgan, William (1 AUG 1784-18 JUN 1830)
Morgan, William (1823-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, William Daniel (1833-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Zula Elwin (21 MAR 1890-16 AUG 1891)
Morken, Margery (-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Laura (-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Sarah Huldah (1852-1936)
Morrison, Eugena L. (-UNKNOWN)
Mudd, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, Ruth (Private-)
Myers, Rebecca (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)
Nadler, Eugenia (Private-)
Narracott, James (-UNKNOWN)
Nash, Lucinda (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Anna Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Catherine (-3 JAN 1833)
Neale, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Raphael (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, Roswell (-UNKNOWN)
Neale, William (-UNKNOWN)
Netterville, Anna (Private-)
Netterville, Buddy (Private-)
Netterville, Douglas (Private-)
Nixon, Ann Nancy (1764-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, Elizabeth (1770-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, Hannah (30 APR 1777-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, John (2 JUL 1768-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, John Bently (25 FEB 1729/30-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, Travis (1766-UNKNOWN)
Nixon, William (17 NOV 1773-UNKNOWN)
Noble, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Anna Catherine (3 JUL 1870-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Anna Eliza (27 AUG 1848-8 OCT 1898)
Noble, Arthur Ernest (2 MAR 1893-19 NOV 1933)
Noble, Austin Calvin (27 DEC 1895-UNKNOWN)
Noble, C. Lingern (19 JUN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Charles Conneler Fleming (10 SEP 1872-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Charles Mark (Private-)
Noble, Charles Mark (4 NOV 1889-19 AUG 1953)
Noble, Charles Mark (11 FEB 1851-9 FEB 1924)
Noble, Charles Mark (3 JUL 1880-19 OCT 1886)
Noble, Charles Mark (Private-)
Noble, E. L. (9 APR 1904-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Eli (1805-1887)
Noble, Eli Mark (1828-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Eliza Grayson (19 OCT 1882-16 NOV 1906)
Noble, Elizabeth (ABT. 1793-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Ella Flemingtine (16 FEB 1855-1924)
Noble, Eugenia Ann (Private-)
Noble, Fleming (7 DEC 1809-13 APR 1886)
Noble, Fleming (5 OCT 1856-14 OCT 1856)
Noble, Fleming J. (1833-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Fleming Stuart (18 FEB 1847-11 MAR 1854)
Noble, Flossie Stephens (Private-)
Noble, John (-UNKNOWN)
Noble, John (3 JUN 1798-UNKNOWN)
Noble, John W. (1846-1 DEC 1869)
Noble, Laura Catherine (28 AUG 1852-2 AUG 1877)
Noble, Leonard (1803-AFT. 1870)
Noble, Lilly Kate (2 FEB 1885-27 NOV 1961)
Noble, Louisa C. (1841-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Lucy A. (1848-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Mark (1754-30 MAY 1827)
Noble, Mary Ann (14 MAR 1901-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Mary Ann (1813-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Mary Mhoon (Private-)
Noble, Nathaniel Carroll (12 DEC 1873-6 JUN 1931)
Noble, Robert Faulk (7 JAN 1877-9 AUG 1888)
Noble, Sarah A. L. (1839-UNKNOWN)
Noble, Sue Williams (3 OCT 1878-27 SEP 1960)
Noble, Wiley (1808-BEF. 1833)
Noble, Wiley Eli (22 AUG 1845-8 SEP 1925)
Noble, William Carroll (1838-UNKNOWN)
Noble, William Eldridge (21 JAN 1796-UNKNOWN)
Noble, William Leonard (19 JUN 1870-10 AUG 1901)
Nopens, Rita (Private-)
Nunn, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
O'Kain, Alan Norman (Private-)
O'Kain, Annie (Private-)
O'Kain, Barbara K. (Private-)
O'Kain, Paul (1913-1980)
O'Kain, Jr, Paul (Private-)
Obrien, Patsy (Private-)
Offley, Ann (ABT. 1532-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Anne (29 AUG 1598-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Bridget (ABT. 1595-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Catherine (ABT. 1609-ABT. 1639)
Offley, Christopher (ABT. 1603-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Eliazabeth (ABT. 1503-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Francis (ABT. 1611-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Hugh (10 NOV 1594-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Hugh (ABT. 1528-NOV 1594)
Offley, John (ABT. 1501-UNKNOWN)
Offley, John (ABT. 1450-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Justinian (-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Katherine (ABT. 1530-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Margaret (1508-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Richard (ABT. 1524-DEC 1582)
Offley, Richard (ABT. 1425-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Robert (ABT. 1520-ABT. 1596)
Offley, Thomas (1500-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Offley, Thomas (ABT. 1522-1589)
Offley, Thomas (10 JUN 1564-23 AUG 1630)
Offley, William (ABT. 1475-UNKNOWN)
Offley, William (ABT. 1526-24 DEC 1600)
Olds, William (-UNKNOWN)
Osborn, Martha L (22 JAN 1819-1903)
Osborn, Thomas (10 OCT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Osborn, William (14 DEC 1756-UNKNOWN)
Osborn, William (-UNKNOWN)
Patton, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Pemberton, Eunice (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Agusta (1842-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Alice Eunice (28 JAN 1840-29 DEC 1859)
Penny, Alma Leah (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Ann L (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Ann Lucretia Nancy (-BEF. JUN 1882)
Penny, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Catherine (30 SEP 1599-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Cicely (27 FEB 1601/02-8 FEB 1681/82)
Penny, David Barbee (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, David H. (1813-6 NOV 1885)
Penny, Eliza Mittie (1856-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Elizabeth (1833-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Elizabeth (-BEF. 1860)
Penny, Elvira (1838-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Frederick Dorrance (24 JAN 1854-21 DEC 1928)
Penny, Gertrude (1846-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Harriet (1835-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Henry (1575-BEF. 1630)
Penny, Henry Carl (5 NOV 1862-5 NOV 1862)
Penny, James (-BEF. 1834)
Penny, James (14 JUL 1762-1845)
Penny, James Scott (1844-UNKNOWN)
Penny, James Smiley (1846-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Jessie Kirkland (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Joseph (7 SEP 1807-10 OCT 1883)
Penny, Joseph (21 APR 1850-10 FEB 1934)
Penny, Julia Read (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Lucy Ann (24 MAY 1848-1 NOV 1926)
Penny, Lucy Ann (1814-17 OCT 1891)
Penny, Mamie (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Markham (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Martha (1838-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Mary (1840-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Mary Mills (1833-1857)
Penny, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Melinda (1838-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Robert Dudley (1848-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Samuel (1850-1857)
Penny, Scott (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Street (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Susie G. (1860-OCT 1919)
Penny, Wannita (1863-31 JUL 1922)
Penny, William (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, William (-UNKNOWN)
Penny, Zula M. (30 DEC 1866-15 MAY 1964)
Perkins, Dalcho (ABT. 1809-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Elisa (1811-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Helen Eulalee (4 FEB 1899-4 SEP 1991)
Perkins, Henry Scott (7 SEP 1896-26 OCT 1975)
Perkins, James (-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Lewis (1765-6 AUG 1838)
Perkins, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Monroe (1815-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Nancy (1810-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, Thomas Wood (-UNKNOWN)
Pharr, Washington (-UNKNOWN)
Philis, (-UNKNOWN)
Philpott, Sarah Jan (-UNKNOWN)
Pike, Nathan (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, John (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Joseph (-1692)
Pile, Joseph (1688-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Pile, Mary (-1733)
Pile, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Tempey Titus (-UNKNOWN)
Pool, Harriet (1838-UNKNOWN)
Powell, Daphne Bridgeman (Private-)
Powell, Mary Caroline (-11 OCT 1834)
Power, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Pusey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Quinlan, Charity (-UNKNOWN)
Ray, Benjamn (15 NOV 1739-27 MAR 1787)
Ray, Samuel (1652-1717)
Ray, Samuel (12 MAR 1686/87-2 SEP 1744)
Ray, Susannah (30 MAR 1767-5 APR 1813)
Reams, Thomas B. (-UNKNOWN)
Rebeckah?, (-UNKNOWN)
Redditt, (-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Babe (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Rhonda Rene' (Private-)
Riddle, Guinetta (ABT. 1734-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Riggs, Albert (Private-)
Roberts, Sarah K. (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Louise (3 APR 1905-29 JAN 1974)
Rogillio, Andrea Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Roi, August (-UNKNOWN)
Roister, Martha (ABT. 1812-ABT. 1890)
Ronaldson, Ed Barton (-UNKNOWN)
Ronaldson, Luther (-UNKNOWN)
Ronaldson, Lydia (1851-1919)
Ronaldson, Mary (1856-1880)
Root, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Ross, James (-UNKNOWN)
Ruddick, Jane (ABT. 1613-15 JUL 1666)
Russell, Abner (ABT. 1811-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Elija (1817-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Eliza (16 MAR 1833-UNKNOWN)
Russell, George G. (ABT. 1823-UNKNOWN)
Russell, James D. (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Marion (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Mary W. (1815-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Nixon (1821-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Reuben G. (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Sarah (ABT. 1825-UNKNOWN)
Russell, William G. (1808-UNKNOWN)
Ruth, (-UNKNOWN)
Rutledge, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Ryan, Mary E (1839-1894)
Sally, (1852-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Jemina (8 SEP 1747-2 OCT 1831)
Sanders, John (-1730)
Sanford, Alex (1888-UNKNOWN)
Sanford, Chrystene (Private-)
Sanford, Juanita (Private-)
Sanford, Woodrow (Private-)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-ABT. 1799)
Satterfield, Louis (Private-)
Schouwten, Janneken (-UNKNOWN)
Schumaker, Jessie J. (-UNKNOWN)
Schumaker, Peter F. (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Ann (25 AUG 1688-9 JAN 1741/42)
Scott, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Emeline Jane (1822-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Janett (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, John (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Otto (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Robert C. (-UNKNOWN)
Scriber, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Scriber, Jane Antonia (-UNKNOWN)
Shackelford, Matilda (18 SEP 1807-6 NOV 1879)
Sheldon, John (-UNKNOWN)
Shepherd, Elender Penelope (-UNKNOWN)
Singletary, (-UNKNOWN)
Sites, Sarah (ABT. 1822-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Alisa P (1832-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Catherine Irene (22 SEP 1844-1 APR 1897)
Skillman, Edward H (1800-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Elizabeth E (1836-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Isaranda (1843-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Louisa (1849-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, Margaret E (1834-UNKNOWN)
Skillman, William E (1847-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Branch (1845-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Eliza B. (15 AUG 1832-15 JUN 1868)
Skolfield, George (-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Harney (1834-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, James Penny (1840-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Marion (1848-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Oliver Penny (-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Samuel (29 JAN 1796-20 MAR 1866)
Skolfield, Samuel Wood (-UNKNOWN)
Skolfield, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Clorinda (-UNKNOWN)
Slemmons, Letha (Private-)
Slemmons, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, A. Dudley (1848-1886)
Sloan, Algeron Dudley (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Charles A. (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Larna (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Maria Louisa (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Montgomery (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Myra (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ester (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jessie G. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary F. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Miriam (1689-UNKNOWN)
Spiller, (-UNKNOWN)
Stannard, Hugh C. (-UNKNOWN)
Stannard, John (-UNKNOWN)
Stannard, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Stannard, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Steele, John H. (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, William (-UNKNOWN)
Stimson, Asher (-UNKNOWN)
Stokes, Isaiah (21 DEC 1841-19 SEP 1863)
Stokes, Isaiah Bayless (17 AUG 1866-UNKNOWN)
Stokes, James L. (-28 NOV 1842)
Stokes, James Lewis (9 NOV 1868-UNKNOWN)
Stokes, James Thomas (10 AUG 1838-UNKNOWN)
Stokes, Narcissa (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, George (-AFT. 20 JAN 1614/15)
Story, George W. (8 AUG 1892-19 NOV 1974)
Story, George W. (Private-)
Story, Veon Dee (Private-)
Stowe, Eugenia (-6 NOV 1832)
Strickland, Maud M. (-1916)
Stuart, Abraham (1772-5 AUG 1836)
Stuart, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Elisha (-16 DEC 1822)
Stuart, Hulda (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, James (1718-1783)
Stuart, James Monroe (-24 FEB 1825)
Stuart, John (1750-1783)
Stuart, Sarah (15 MAR 1779-5 MAR 1883)
Stuart, William (-2 MAR 1822)
Sullivan, Ann Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Emma Lovince (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, James (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Leon (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, W. Young (-UNKNOWN)
Tabor, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Taff, W. Norris (Private-)
Tassel, Sarah Van (1670-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Issac Simpson (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Lauren (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Thoborn, Margaret (1809-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, John (JUN 1743-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Rowland (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Sarah (19 FEB 1790-2 SEP 1834)
Thompson, Alfred Grayson (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, John McBride (-UNKNOWN)
Thornbrough, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Thornbrough, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, C. C. (4 JUL 1904-1987)
Thornton, C. V. (1863-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Coonie (1876-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Ed (1872-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Evaline Virginia (1868-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, George Presley (17 MAR 1869-1934)
Thornton, Hubert Bender (Private-)
Thornton, Huldah Jane (4 AUG 1897-18 APR 1941)
Thornton, J B (1864-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, J R (1868-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, James (1802-ABT. 1870)
Thornton, James Hubert (13 NOV 1895-1927)
Thornton, James M (1861-1890)
Thornton, James T (28 SEP 1839-28 SEP 1903)
Thornton, Jewell Dale (26 APR 1899-26 AUG 1964)
Thornton, John Ruben (23 JAN 1865-25 NOV 1909)
Thornton, Joseph E (20 OCT 1836-DEC 1901)
Thornton, Katherine T (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, M J (1875-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Maggie Louise (20 SEP 1874-6 JAN 1958)
Thornton, Martha Molly (1872-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, N E (1878-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Peggy Claire (Private-)
Thornton, Priesley (1843-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, R J (1879-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Ruby Carrie (5 DEC 1901-21 MAR 1947)
Thornton, S L (1866-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Thomas I (1871-1934)
Thornton, W F (1870-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, William Lafayette (26 JUL 1840-28 JUL 1895)
Thornton, William Presley (1868-UNKNOWN)
Tillman, Gideon (-UNKNOWN)
Tillman, Phoebe (MAR 1753-29 MAY 1835)
Timmons, Frances Jan (-UNKNOWN)
Topper, James (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Eliza Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Elvira (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Issac (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Issac (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, John (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Tracy, Ahira (-UNKNOWN)
Tracy, Issac (-UNKNOWN)
Tracy, Lucy H. (15 JAN 1810-22 AUG 1891)
Transue, Brice Cody (Private-)
Transue, Robert (Private-)
Trudeau, Ella (-UNKNOWN)
Truhe, Tom (Private-)
Tucker, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Turner, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Turner, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Urdde, (ABT. 1540-AFT. 9 SEP 1590)
Vaughan, Almond (1830-1847)
Vaughan, Almond (19 APR 1756-21 MAY 1842)
Vaughan, Amelia (17 AUG 1848-14 MAR 1918)
Vaughan, Beauharnois H. (5 FEB 1820-30 JUL 1883)
Vaughan, Cornelius Beazley (11 JUN 1822-16 FEB 1906)
Vaughan, Cynthia (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Eliza Noble (Private-)
Vaughan, George (22 MAR 1772-8 JAN 1846)
Vaughan, George Kelly (11 NOV 1834-17 NOV 1867)
Vaughan, George Webal (11 JUN 1814-16 DEC 1879)
Vaughan, Henry Q (8 DEC 1859-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, James Laughton (6 FEB 1824-7 AUG 1879)
Vaughan, John (ABT. 1690-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, John (ABT. 1760-7 JUL 1795)
Vaughan, John H. (1810-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Louisa (1832-1896)
Vaughan, Mary F. (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Patsy (ABT. 1761-ABT. 1850)
Vaughan, Jr, Peter (11 NOV 1807-28 FEB 1885)
Vaughan, Peter (1775-1857)
Vaughan, Robert Bruce (1816-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Ruben B. (DEC 1803-5 APR 1873)
Vaughan, Sarah Ann (18 JAN 1818-4 APR 1853)
Vaughan, Sarah Sally (1766-23 MAR 1857)
Vaughan, Thomas (11 AUG 1758-9 SEP 1835)
Vaughan, Thomas (ABT. 1801-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Virginia Elizabeth (9 MAR 1838-2 APR 1904)
Vaughan, Virginia Noble (11 FEB 1905-20 APR 1979)
Vaughan, William (ABT. 1799-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, William (ABT. 1770-ABT. 1834)
Vaughan, William Walter (ABT. 1730-1813)
Vaughn, Mary Jane (11 JUN 1844-15 MAR 1914)
Veepon, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Vigne, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Vigne, Abraham (BEF. 1619-BEF. 1621)
Vigne, Christina (ABT. 1612-ABT. 1668)
Vigne, Jan (1624-1689)
Vigne, Marritje (ABT. 1613-1689)
Vigne, Resel (Rachel) (-1663)
Vigne, Sara (-UNKNOWN)
Volckers, Dorothea (ABT. 1630-BEF. 15 APR 1660)
Volckertszen, Ariantje (1 AUG 1650-UNKNOWN)
Volckertszen, Grietje (1632-UNKNOWN)
Volckertszen, Jacob (1646-UNKNOWN)
Volckertszen, Jannetje (7 DEC 1653-UNKNOWN)
Volckertszen, Magdalena (1633-1728)
Volckertszen, Rachel (ABT. 1641-UNKNOWN)
Volckertszen, Sarah (ABT. 1638-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Anntje (1678-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Christyntje (1678-BEF. 1752)
Volckertzen, Dirck (1667-27 SEP 1754)
Volckertzen, Dircks "De Noorman" (-4 APR 1678)
Volckertzen, Grietje (1675-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Jannetje (BET. 1673 - 1679-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Lydia (26 FEB 1681/82-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Machtelt (26 FEB 1681/82-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Neeltje (1669-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Nicholas (1672-ABT. 1738)
Volckertzen, Philip (1670-1740)
Volckertzen, Rachel (1683-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Rebecca (24 MAR 1685/86-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Sara (1680-UNKNOWN)
Volckertzen, Volkert Dirckse (15 NOV 1643-1687)
Volkertsen, Annetje (14 NOV 1705-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Dirck (19 NOV 1727-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Marie (19 NOV 1722-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Peter Volkerse (21 AUG 1695-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Sarah (ABT. 1700-UNKNOWN)
Volkertsen, Volkert (1692-1755)
Wade, Dercas (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Mary (ABT. 1677-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Ben T (Private-)
Wallace, Cal T (1915-1977)
Wallace, Emme Evelyn (1911-1973)
Wallace, Guy Ardell (1903-1931)
Wallace, Jane T. (Private-)
Wallace, Joe Ben (1907-1976)
Wallace, Lena Clo (1913-1961)
Wallace, Oleta (1905-1989)
Wallace, Opal May (1902-1902)
Wallace, Rad (Private-)
Wallace, Rad W (1877-1960)
Wardell, Ann (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Henry (ABT. 1632-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Johanna (1658-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Weston, Sarah A (-UNKNOWN)
Wethersall, (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Iva Sue (Private-)
Wheeler, James W. (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Mary (1766-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
White, A. A. (-UNKNOWN)
White, Ann Matilda (-1842)
White, Charles Henry (15 JAN 1898-UNKNOWN)
White, Charles Robert (-UNKNOWN)
White, Cornelius (29 JAN 1710/11-UNKNOWN)
White, George Polite (9 DEC 1902-UNKNOWN)
White, Lydia (6 FEB 1789-UNKNOWN)
White, Marion Lydia (1803-15 OCT 1838)
White, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
White, Thomas William (21 SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)
Whitehurst, Catherine Noble (Private-)
Whitehurst, Charles Elliott (Private-)
Whitten, Eddie (Private-)
Whitten, Eddie Kole (Private-)
Wilcuts, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
Wilcuts, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Willcutts, Celia (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Harold (-21 JAN 1989)
Williams, Hezikiah (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Joseph Boarman (Private-)
Williams, R. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Robert Harold (Private-)
Williams, Shirley Evelyn (Private-)
Williams, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Susan Mary (11 OCT 1838-13 FEB 1932)
Willington, Priscillia (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, David (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Margaret M. (1814-UNKNOWN)
Wisdom, (-UNKNOWN)
Wiseman, Margaret Owen (-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Abraham De (ABT. 1685-4 FEB 1761)
Witt, Aryjie De (ABT. 1695-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Barent De (ABT. 1675-AFT. 1747)
Witt, Barnet De (25 MAR 1705-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Benjamin De (ABT. 1680-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Catherine De (24 APR 1699-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Catrina De (17 MAY 1654-1734)
Witt, Dieuvertje De (ABT. 1660-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Jan De (ABT. 1600-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Johannes De (ABT. 1626-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Maria De (25 DEC 1652-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Maria Jan De (ABT. 1671-ABT. 1710)
Witt, Paulus De (21 APR 1697-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Petrus De (21 APR 1697-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Pieter De (ABT. 1673-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Pieter Jans De (ABT. 1650-1721)
Witt, Pieter Janse De (ABT. 1624-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Sara De (19 JUN 1708-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Titus De (ABT. 1710-UNKNOWN)
Witt, Volckert De (BEF. 1657-1694)
Woods, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Woodward, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wren, Elizabeth (ABT. 1797-UNKNOWN)
Wren, Francis (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)
Wren, Francis (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
Wren, George Gayden (ABT. 1802-UNKNOWN)
Wren, John (ABT. 1796-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Benjamin (14 MAR 1666/67-25 DEC 1704)
Wright, Elizabeth (ABT. 1484-UNKNOWN)
Wyatt, Mary (ABT. 1667-UNKNOWN)
Young, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Young, J. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Younglove, Bethiah (-UNKNOWN)
Zynieltse, Geertje (1685-12 DEC 1759)


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