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Permission is granted to copy or publish this material provided proper credit is given to They Live AgainThis is ethically the correct thing to do and I hope you will do so.  Due to the limitations of Gedpage not all source information is shown on this family sheet.

All data is privatized for those who are or may still be alive in accordance with They Live Again's Privacy Statement.  Once I have permission to release information from the living individual I will then forward the data.

Family Tree Names

, Benjamin Floyd Boarman (1897-1917)
, Ellie (-UNKNOWN)
, Jenny (Private-)
, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
, Mary Ann (Private-)
, Mary K. (Private-)
, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Damaris (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, George (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Gideon (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Joel (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, John (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Nathan (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Peter (27 JUL 1701-BEF. 26 APR 1785)
Abbott, Prudence (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Sarah (17 MAR 1703/04-UNKNOWN)
Albertsen, Sarah (ABT. 1650-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
Allison, Mary Jane (Private-)
Allison, Norman (1891-1964)
Allison, Ruben Anthony (31 JAN 1920-1990)
Allison, William Anthony (Private-)
Alverson, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Alverson, Lavinia (1832-UNKNOWN)
Ann, (ABT. 1612-UNKNOWN)
Attaway, Buena (-UNKNOWN)
Ayres, Genie Penny (-UNKNOWN)
Ayres, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
Bacon, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Ann (18 MAY 1750-22 NOV 1832)
Baldwin, Ann (28 MAR 1799-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Ann (28 JUL 1784-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Anna (10 DEC 1780-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Arcadia (18 JUN 1786-15 AUG 1823)
Baldwin, Calib (11 FEB 1819-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Charles (1 SEP 1782-20 SEP 1848)
Baldwin, Charlotte (11 MAY 1823-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Daniel (19 JUL 1796-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Daniel (30 DEC 1789-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Daniel (23 SEP 1756-14 AUG 1823)
Baldwin, David (2 FEB 1811-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Elias (29 JAN 1798-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Eliza Jane (30 NOV 1823-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Elizabeth (15 MAR 1797-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Elizabeth (17 OCT 1779-29 SEP 1840)
Baldwin, Elizabeth (1 JUL 1679-24 JUN 1713)
Baldwin, Elizabeth (24 DEC 1766-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Elizabeth F (5 FEB 1860-13 JAN 1935)
Baldwin, Elwood (10 JAN 1829-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Enor (22 NOV 1810-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Enos (30 NOV 1781-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Enos (9 MAR 1761-19 JUN 1761)
Baldwin, George Chalkey (6 OCT 1816-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Hannah (10 JUL 1805-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Hezekiah (24 NOV 1785-9 APR 1807)
Baldwin, Hezekiah (12 DEC 1818-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Isiah (9 FEB 1789-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Issac (16 NOV 1805-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jane (13 DEC 1788-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jemima (12 JAN 1809-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jesse (26 JAN 1759-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jesse (16 OCT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jesse (8 JUL 1804-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jesse (13 MAR 1785-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, John (30 MAR 1788-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, John (4 NOV 1781-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, John (9 JUL 1746-25 SEP 1824)
Baldwin, John (28 OCT 1712-1 DEC 1746)
Baldwin, John (-15 FEB 1718/19)
Baldwin, John (BEF. 1675-19 JAN 1757)
Baldwin, John (7 MAR 1715/16-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, John (7 MAR 1816-1902)
Baldwin, John C. (19 JAN 1821-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Jonathon (3 MAR 1808-1808)
Baldwin, Jonathon (4 DEC 1815-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Joseph (28 JUL 1754-17 AUG 1755)
Baldwin, Josiah (12 MAY 1791-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Judith (11 APR 1819-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Lindsey (15 MAR 1814-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Margaret (16 APR 1799-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Margaret (3 MAR 1807-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Mary (1 OCT 1675-17 SEP 1677)
Baldwin, Mary (21 APR 1687-11 JAN 1693/94)
Baldwin, Mary (26 AUG 1770-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Mary (12 MAR 1812-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Mary (11 SEP 1793-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Milton (9 AUG 1817-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Nathan (21 MAR 1793-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Nathan (16 MAY 1811-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Newton (30 NOV 1813-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Sarah (2 FEB 1795-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Sarah (25 AUG 1793-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Sarah (23 MAY 1762-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Sophia (17 JAN 1796-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Susanna (3 JUN 1808-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Thomas (31 MAR 1810-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Thomas (20 OCT 1792-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Thomas (13 DEC 1814-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Uriah (19 MAR 1764-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, Uriah (16 JUN 1803-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, William (8 JUL 1808-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, William (25 AUG 1777-12 MAR 1808)
Baldwin, William (26 JUL 1748-1749)
Baldwin, William (ABT. 1677-30 AUG 1720)
Baldwin, William (23 JAN 1787-UNKNOWN)
Baldwin, William (20 FEB 1719/20-19 AUG 1802)
Ball, Bena (Private-)
Ball, James E. (Private-)
Ball, Jim (Private-)
Ball, Rosemary (Private-)
Ball, Susan (Private-)
Ball, Vicki (Private-)
Ballard, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Bancroft, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Banton, Elizabeth (ABT. 1639-UNKNOWN)
Barber, Shirley (Private-)
Barkdull, Florence S. (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Aaron (9 SEP 1726-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Abigail (14 JAN 1670/71-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Comfort (3 APR 1737-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Comfort (OCT 1706-17 JAN 1746/47)
Barnes, Dorothy (6 FEB 1663/64-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Elizabeth (27 JUL 1732-8 SEP 1820)
Barnes, Hannah (24 AUG 1740-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Hulda (11 JUN 1729-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Huldah (1 JUN 1774-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, John (25 DEC 1666-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, John (11 MAY 1742-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Joseph (21 NOV 1730-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Lidiah (9 OCT 1692-23 APR 1778)
Barnes, Lydia (7 JAN 1732/33-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Martha (24 NOV 1686-18 NOV 1746)
Barnes, Mary (25 DEC 1738-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Miriam (18 AUG 1744-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Moses (18 AUG 1744-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Noah (OCT 1700-3 SEP 1783)
Barnes, Prudence (1689-1770)
Barnes, Samuel (1687-7 OCT 1773)
Barnes, Sarah (21 OCT 1735-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Susannah (2 FEB 1675/76-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Thankful (1 MAY 1695-20 MAR 1744/45)
Barnes, Theophilus (10 FEB 1672/73-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Thomas (23 SEP 1662-23 APR 1734)
Barnes, Thomas (18 OCT 1636-1679)
Barnes, William (3 APR 1669-UNKNOWN)
Batchelor, James Madison (23 JUN 1811-UNKNOWN)
Batchelor, Mary Ann Harriott (14 JAN 1809-UNKNOWN)
Batchelor, Napoleon Bonaparte (15 JUN 1815-UNKNOWN)
Batchelor, Thomas Agrippa (23 DEC 1770-14 APR 1842)
Batchelor, Thomas Agrippa Gayden (7 AUG 1813-UNKNOWN)
Batchelor, Victoria (20 SEP 1806-UNKNOWN)
Bayless, Mary E (-UNKNOWN)
Beakbaine, Mary (26 DEC 1675-1754)
Beals, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Beals, John (-UNKNOWN)
Beaty, Genie (-UNKNOWN)
Beazley, Sarah (1778-1858)
Beazley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Beedle, Sophia (-UNKNOWN)
Belcher, Elizabeth (ABT. 1632-17 OCT 1682)
Belding, Elizabeth (17 FEB 1662/63-27 APR 1735)
Belding, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Lancaster (-UNKNOWN)
Benbow, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Benbow, Mary (1756-10 AUG 1823)
Bender, Flossie (1889-1986)
Bennett, Elizabeth (ABT. 1595-UNKNOWN)
Bent, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Bergman, Nancy (Private-)
Berry, William H. (-UNKNOWN)
Beswicke, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Binning, Arianna Maud (14 FEB 1855-16 APR 1880)
Bird, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Black, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Blakeman, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Bland, (-UNKNOWN)
Blandford, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Blankenship, Elizabeth (1870-UNKNOWN)
Bliss, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Bliss, Margaret (12 NOV 1649-3 APR 1745)
Bliss, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Ann (ABT. 1689-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Anne (ABT. 1675-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Basil (1887-1916)
Boarman, Benedict (1687-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Benjamin Franklin (29 SEP 1829-12 MAR 1882)
Boarman, Benjamin W (1876-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Benjamin Wheeler (1800-21 SEP 1869)
Boarman, Bessye (7 AUG 1875-27 NOV 1960)
Boarman, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Christopher Columbus (DEC 1834-1915)
Boarman, Clare (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Columbus (1871-1954)
Boarman, David Mitchell (Private-)
Boarman, Dovie Mary (9 APR 1892-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Edna (1906-1907)
Boarman, Edward (ABT. 1745-6 SEP 1832)
Boarman, Edward A. (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Edward Alexander (1832-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Elizabeth Constance (6 OCT 1898-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, F. Bond (-11 MAY 1923)
Boarman, Flora Drue (8 AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Florence Tressie (6 DEC 1899-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Francis Ignatius (1701-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, George (ABT. 1658-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Helen Jo (Private-)
Boarman, Henrietta (ABT. 1687-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Henry (ABT. 1796-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Horace (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Ignatius (1804-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Isabel (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, James L. (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Jane (ABT. 1701-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Jane C. (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Jane Caroline (26 OCT 1874-28 JAN 1960)
Boarman, John Baptist (1689-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, John Chrysostom (1742-1797)
Boarman, Joseph (-1730)
Boarman, Joseph (Private-)
Boarman, Joseph (ABT. 1699-1730)
Boarman, Joseph Morris (17 NOV 1872-26 JAN 1946)
Boarman, Joseph Raymond (Private-)
Boarman, Lavinia (1866-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Lida (-13 DEC 1939)
Boarman, Lilly Dale (1878-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Lora (1888-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Lora B. (Private-)
Boarman, Lora Dale (20 SEP 1902-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Louisa M. (ABT. 1799-5 AUG 1840)
Boarman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary (ABT. 1705-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary (1660-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary Ann (ABT. 1803-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary Edna (Private-)
Boarman, Mary Frances (1 JUN 1858-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary Harriet (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary Louise (Private-)
Boarman, Mary M. (ABT. 1808-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Mary S. (1883-1940)
Boarman, May (1900-1903)
Boarman, Melvin R. (Private-)
Boarman, Nona Marie (Private-)
Boarman, Oswald (1765-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Owen (1901-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Patsy Carolyn (Private-)
Boarman, Pearl Martha (24 DEC 1893-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Raphael (1749-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Robert (Private-)
Boarman, Robert (1803-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Robert (ABT. 1770-AUG 1825)
Boarman, Robert Edward (16 FEB 1882-18 NOV 1907)
Boarman, Robert Raphael (APR 1836-30 MAR 1915)
Boarman, Rosa (Private-)
Boarman, Roy Franklin (17 SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Ruben (Private-)
Boarman, Ruby (NOV 1909-30 JUN 1986)
Boarman, Ruby Bonita (Private-)
Boarman, Ruth (1902-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Sara Huldah (26 APR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Sarah (ABT. 1691-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Sarah (ABT. 1656-BEF. 1685)
Boarman, Sarah (-1791)
Boarman, Sarah E. (ABT. 1811-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, Terry Lynn (Private-)
Boarman, Thomas James (-1792)
Boarman, Thomas James (1703-AFT. 1784)
Boarman, Truma Sue (Private-)
Boarman, Truman (21 APR 1921-1 MAY 1976)
Boarman, Virginia E. (Private-)
Boarman, W. C. (Private-)
Boarman, William (ABT. 1685-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, William (ABT. 1809-11 JUN 1834)
Boarman, William (1630-AFT. 1708)
Boarman, William (1654-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, William (-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, William Columbus (1904-UNKNOWN)
Boarman, William Columbus (5 SEP 1914-24 AUG 1964)
Boarman, William Ellihue (1 DEC 1936-2 DEC 1936)
Bogan, J. Douglas (-UNKNOWN)
Bogan, James (26 JAN 1826-26 OCT 1898)
Bogan, Lillah (-UNKNOWN)
Bogan, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Bogan, Samuel S. (-UNKNOWN)
Bond, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)
Bond, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Borskey, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Bowater, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Bowden, Eliza Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Bowman, Cleo (Private-)
Boyd, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)
Bragg, Alexander (6 MAR 1679/80-1750)
Bragg, Henry (1657-UNKNOWN)
Bragg, Sarah (5 MAY 1743-16 MAR 1813)
Brazelton, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Briget, (-UNKNOWN)
Brockman, (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Asaph (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Josiah (12 FEB 1751/52-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Luke (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Patty (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Phoebe (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Brul, Catharina De (20 NOV 1662-30 DEC 1740)
Bryant, Joe (Private-)
Bryant, Lynn (Private-)
Bryant, Michael Joe (Private-)
Buckner, Kardilia D. (-UNKNOWN)
Buckner, Malvin (-19 SEP 1893)
Burnell, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Burnell, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Burr, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Butler, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Francis Josephine (-UNKNOWN)
Canfield, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Ann (22 JAN 1827-10 MAY 1908)
Carl, Edit Ann (16 AUG 1894-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Edward Allen (25 SEP 1861-9 JUL 1941)
Carl, Eliza Ann (10 AUG 1793-26 JUL 1858)
Carl, Eliza Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Eliza Ann (8 MAR 1873-10 DEC 1937)
Carl, Elizabeth Alice (Private-)
Carl, Eunice (15 MAR 1798-11 JAN 1879)
Carl, Eunice (-1839)
Carl, Genie (1873-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Henry (1840-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, James (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, James (25 SEP 1830-26 AUG 1905)
Carl, James Polite (7 OCT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Carl, John (1844-UNKNOWN)
Carl, John (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, John (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Jonas (1761-1829)
Carl, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Mary (29 JUN 1850-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Phoebe (1796-1871)
Carl, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Sarah Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Carl, Thomas Buchanan (Private-)
Carle, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Hill (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, J.W. (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, James (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Mary Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Nettie (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Roberta (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, West H. (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Young (-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Sara B. (-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Beverly Ann (Private-)
Carter, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Catherien, (-1776)
Catherine, (-UNKNOWN)
Cavendish, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Benjamin (2 FEB 1681/82-27 MAR 1756)
Chapin, Bethia (19 FEB 1671/72-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Caleb (2 FEB 1656/57-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Catherine (1626-4 FEB 1712/13)
Chapin, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, David (18 NOV 1682-7 JUL 1772)
Chapin, David (4 JAN 1624/25-16 AUG 1672)
Chapin, Ebenezer (6 APR 1664-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Ebenezer (26 JUN 1677-13 DEC 1772)
Chapin, Hannah (23 OCT 1662-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Hannah (18 JUL 1680-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Hannah (21 JUN 1679-7 JUL 1679)
Chapin, Hannah (2 DEC 1644-21 MAY 1719)
Chapin, Henry (19 MAR 1678/79-15 SEP 1754)
Chapin, Henry (25 JAN 1630/31-15 AUG 1718)
Chapin, Henry (1 JAN 1665/66-29 APR 1667)
Chapin, Honor (8 MAY 1635-8 MAY 1636)
Chapin, Japhet (5 OCT 1642-20 FEB 1711/12)
Chapin, Joane (26 JUN 1591-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Johan (30 JUN 1560-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, John (1 JUN 1623-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, John (25 SEP 1566-3 JUN 1600)
Chapin, John (14 MAY 1674-1 JUN 1759)
Chapin, John (16 JAN 1632/33-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Jonathan (12 FEB 1664/65-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Jonathan (20 FEB 1684/85-1 MAR 1685/86)
Chapin, Jonathan (23 SEP 1688-23 FEB 1761)
Chapin, Josiah (29 OCT 1637-10 SEP 1726)
Chapin, Luke (8 MAY 1576-9 SEP 1590)
Chapin, Lydia (19 APR 1655-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Margaret (16 NOV 1600-11 DEC 1600)
Chapin, Margery (-31 OCT 1569)
Chapin, Margett (10 FEB 1570/71-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Mary (1668-13 JAN 1707/08)
Chapin, Phillipe (6 JUL 1621-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Phillipe (6 JAN 1593/94-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Roger (BEF. 1540-9 DEC 1590)
Chapin, Samuel (4 AUG 1665-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Samuel (22 NOV 1659-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Samuel (8 OCT 1598-11 NOV 1675)
Chapin, Samuel (25 JAN 1630/31-10 JUL 1634)
Chapin, Samuell (4 JUL 1624-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Sarah (3 MAR 1657/58-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Sarah (OCT 1628-5 AUG 1684)
Chapin, Sarah (15 MAR 1667/68-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Sarah (3 MAR 1669/70-6 NOV 1732)
Chapin, Thomas (10 MAY 1671-27 AUG 1755)
Chapin, Thomas (8 MAR 1596/97-27 MAY 1628)
Chapin, Thomas (14 JUL 1626-UNKNOWN)
Chapin, Union (23 DEC 1669-UNKNOWN)
Chapman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Charity, (-UNKNOWN)
Charlotte, (-UNKNOWN)
Chester, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Clara, (1810-UNKNOWN)
Clare, Mary (14 JAN 1906-1991)
Clark, Molly (1769-UNKNOWN)
Cliffee, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Clithero, Anne (ABT. 1568-1630)
Clithero, Henry (-20 SEP 1607)
Clitherow, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Coggshall, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Cole, Ruth (8 JAN 1665/66-17 MAR 1717/18)
Collins, Ann (-1799)
Collins, Betsey (1751-1829)
Collins, Catherine (ABT. 1756-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Cathy (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Diannah Carter (1759-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Drucilla (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Edward (1753-UNKNOWN)
Collins, James (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, John (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, John (1670-10 FEB 1694/95)
Collins, Joseph (1685-3 MAY 1748)
Collins, Joseph (ABT. 1667-3 MAY 1748)
Collins, Joseph (1704-AUG 1757)
Collins, Lewis (-1785)
Collins, Lewis (1755-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Lois (1749-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Polly Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
Collins, Tabitha (-AFT. 1781)
Collins, Thomas (-3 JUN 1751)
Collins, Thomas (3 JUN 1751-1777)
Collins, Wiley (1757-UNKNOWN)
Collins, William (1728-UNKNOWN)
Collins, William (1612-1705)
Collins, William (-UNKNOWN)
Colton, Hannah (8 AUG 1688-5 MAR 1738/39)
Converse, James (-UNKNOWN)
Converse, Josiah (12 SEP 1684-2 MAY 1771)
Cook, (-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Cooley, Abilene (-17 NOV 1710)
Cooley, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Cooley, Bethia (16 SEP 1643-16 AUG 1718)
Cooper, Betty Catherine (Private-)
Cooper, Tommy E. (Private-)
Corcoran, Michael (-UNKNOWN)
Cowles, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Craig, Elizabeth (11 NOV 1761-UNKNOWN)
Crary, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Craycroft, Anne (ABT. 1689-ABT. 1765)
Craycroft, Ignatius (-UNKNOWN)
Crowell, Della (Private-)
Crump, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Cruse, Jay (Private-)
Cruse, Mary (Private-)
Cruse, Thomas Benton (Private-)
Cruse, Tom (13 AUG 1971-8 APR 1997)
Cuvelier, Adriene (-UNKNOWN)
Dale, William Avery (-UNKNOWN)
Darby, Rebekah Ann (Private-)
Darby, William Dillard (Private-)
Davis, George (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Day, Hilda (Private-)
Deborah, (-UNKNOWN)
Deborah, (-UNKNOWN)
Dees, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Dicks, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Dillon, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Dillorne, Elizabeth (ABT. 1480-UNKNOWN)
Dobbins, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Doerge, Beth (Private-)
Doherty, Tammy Lynn (Private-)
Dooley, Malinda Susannah (ABT. 1800-UNKNOWN)
Doughitty, Mary (Private-)
Driskell, Mattie A. (1878-UNKNOWN)
Duck, Amanda Elvina (5 APR 1829-28 NOV 1869)
Duke, Lucy A. (-UNKNOWN)
Dunton, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Duport, John (-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Ann Theresa (3 JUN 1819-UNKNOWN)
Duren, James (8 MAR 1795-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Jesse (22 FEB 1772-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Jesse George (9 FEB 1809-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Louisa Katherine (1811-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Mary (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Monica S. (1820-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Rebecca (1813-UNKNOWN)
Duren, Sarah (7 JAN 1807-UNKNOWN)
Duren, William L. (ABT. 1799-UNKNOWN)
Dyson, John (-UNKNOWN)
E., L. (4 AUG 1880-24 MAY 1901)
Easton, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Easton, Phillipe (ABT. 1569-20 JAN 1614/15)
Eccles, Maggie (-1904)
Eccles, William (-UNKNOWN)
Eccles, William (-UNKNOWN)
Edelen, Catherine (ABT. 1670-UNKNOWN)
Edelen, Christopher (1682-1771)
Edelen, Edward (1717-1779)
Edelen, Edward (1676-1756)
Edelen, Elizabeth (1693-1771)
Edelen, Jane (1713-1760)
Edelen, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Edelen, Mary (1705-1751)
Edelen, Philip (ABT. 1666-UNKNOWN)
Edelen, Phillip (ABT. 1602-22 MAR 1656/57)
Edelen, Richard (1671-1761)
Edelen, Richard (1635-BET. 1694 - 1695)
Edelen, Thomas (1672-UNKNOWN)
Edelen, Thomas (1695-27 NOV 1752)
Edelen, Winifred (1711-1780)
Edgerton, Joseph (23 JAN 1762-UNKNOWN)
Edgerton, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Edgerton, Thomas (-24 APR 1794)
Edlyn, Richard (-1616)
Edlyn, William (1616-UNKNOWN)
Egan, Debra Jane (Private-)
Eleanor, (-UNKNOWN)
Elizabeth, (1615-UNKNOWN)
Elizabeth, (1639-UNKNOWN)
Elizabeth, (-UNKNOWN)
Elizabeth, (ABT. 1717-UNKNOWN)
Elizabeth, (1725-1804)
Elliot, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Enoch, Edith (13 MAR 1889-23 MAR 1976)
Etier, Selina (-UNKNOWN)
Eunice, (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Sally (ABT. 1785-UNKNOWN)
Falkner, (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Agatha (23 AUG 1892-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Agatha Virginia (22 APR 1857-26 JUN 1934)
Faulk, Alfred Andrew (1 OCT 1852-SEP 1923)
Faulk, Aquilla (-26 DEC 1821)
Faulk, Aquilla (6 OCT 1824-5 MAR 1846)
Faulk, Claudius (1799-ABT. JUN 1828)
Faulk, David King (2 JUL 1817-17 AUG 1890)
Faulk, Earnest Noble (23 SEP 1866-26 FEB 1957)
Faulk, Elizabeth Louise (16 MAY 1900-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Florence (6 OCT 1896-31 DEC 1993)
Faulk, Hannibal (4 NOV 1822-22 APR 1861)
Faulk, James (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Jane (1788-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Jehu M. (13 FEB 1811-29 MAY 1837)
Faulk, Jesse (20 JUL 1836-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, John (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, John (ABT. 1730-1 APR 1782)
Faulk, John (ABT. 1710-ABT. 1780)
Faulk, John Cooper (6 SEP 1834-10 OCT 1865)
Faulk, John T. (9 DEC 1871-8 AUG 1880)
Faulk, John Tillman (26 DEC 1785-5 NOV 1871)
Faulk, Johnathan D. (15 NOV 1813-1 JUL 1832)
Faulk, Jonathan James (11 FEB 1851-16 JUL 1935)
Faulk, Jonathon (1762-23 AUG 1811)
Faulk, Keziah (25 DEC 1814-5 NOV 1886)
Faulk, Lavincy (-15 OCT 1836)
Faulk, Leonidas Barkdull (21 NOV 1889-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Lewis Norman (18 SEP 1869-3 OCT 1885)
Faulk, Lillie Jane (10 FEB 1862-18 JUL 1884)
Faulk, Lucinda (27 NOV 1819-27 SEP 1820)
Faulk, Mary (Private-)
Faulk, Nancy Ann (31 MAR 1854-28 OCT 1873)
Faulk, Nancy Elizabeth (1786-22 SEP 1855)
Faulk, Phoebe (14 NOV 1826-7 JAN 1888)
Faulk, Rachel (31 MAR 1809-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, Robert White (7 OCT 1838-16 FEB 1873)
Faulk, Robert Williams (17 NOV 1859-1 APR 1946)
Faulk, Stephen D. (15 JUN 1864-5 JAN 1900)
Faulk, William (1783-UNKNOWN)
Faulk, William (BEF. 1760-ABT. 1810)
Faust, Minnie Rae (1867-1942)
Fayme, Ursula (-22 MAY 1634)
Ferguson, John C. (-UNKNOWN)
Field, Samuel (1651-24 JUN 1697)
Fluker, Horace (-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Bernard (-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Eliza (Private-)
Ford, Suzanne Vaughan (Private-)
Fosgate, Joel (16 MAR 1750/51-UNKNOWN)
Fosgate, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, C. Raymond (30 OCT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Caprice Illene (Private-)
Fox, Charles (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Clara (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Dennis (Private-)
Fox, Gilbert Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Gladys (Private-)
Fox, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Hiram Dwinell (12 MAR 1851-5 JAN 1932)
Fox, James Ellsworth (2 AUG 1923-1990)
Fox, Jennifer Elizabeth (Private-)
Fox, John (Private-)
Fox, John Leslie (9 OCT 1887-22 DEC 1958)
Fox, II, John Leslie (Private-)
Fox, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Fox, Mary Katherine (16 MAY 1912-1981)
Fox, Norman (17 OCT 1910-13 JUL 1962)
Fox, Norman Gilbert (10 OCT 1891-28 DEC 1963)
Fox, Ozias (16 JUN 1849-1857)
Fox, Ralph (Private-)
Fox, Raymond Donald (8 DEC 1924-12 APR 1960)
Fox, II, Raymond Donald (Private-)
Fox, Renee Debra (Private-)
Fox, Richard Norman (Private-)
Fox, Richard Raymond (Private-)
Fox, Jr, Richard Thornton (Private-)
Fox, Richard Thornton (Private-)
Fox, Robyn Seyward (Private-)
Fox, Ryan Edward (Private-)
Fox, Sharon Ann (Private-)
Fox, Susan (Private-)
Fox, William (1846-UNKNOWN)
Foxwell, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Abraham (18 MAY 1740-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Abram (-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Deborah (6 APR 1735-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Derick (22 MAR 1717/18-BET. 1757 - 1758)
Fulkerson, Dinah (2 APR 1727-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Frederick (14 OCT 1716-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Frederick (1759-1824)
Fulkerson, Jacobus (22 JUN 1737-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Johannis (13 MAY 1733-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Mary (1724-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Peter (1731-UNKNOWN)
Fulkerson, Sarah Elizabeth (ABT. 1748-2 DEC 1835)
Fulkerson, Volkert (ABT. 1725-UNKNOWN)
Futeral, Rachael (-UNKNOWN)
Galbrath, John (-UNKNOWN)
Gans, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Garner, Dorothy (Private-)
Garret, Isaiah (-UNKNOWN)
Gatewood, (-UNKNOWN)
Gaunt, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Abner (1777-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Agrippa (21 JUL 1778-17 JAN 1845)
Gayden, Betty (ABT. 1822-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Cadesby (1776-24 MAY 1841)
Gayden, Catherine Nance (1838-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Charles Abner (JUL 1810-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Diana (ABT. 1784-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elijah (ABT. 1790-1863)
Gayden, Elijah (ABT. 1817-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elizabeth (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elizabeth (19 JUN 1742-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elizabeth (1785-DEC 1852)
Gayden, Elizabeth (1834-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elizabeth (1815-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Elvira Scott (6 JUL 1832-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Emma (ABT. 1845-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Francis Thomson (16 JUN 1820-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Franklin Agrippa (23 JUN 1836-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, George (4 JAN 1738/39-29 MAY 1819)
Gayden, George (ABT. 1780-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, George (22 DEC 1682-3 SEP 1764)
Gayden, George (ABT. 1783-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, George Lea (8 OCT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, George W. (ABT. 1805-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Girl (1838-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Griffin (1787-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Harriet Elizabeth (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Hiram A. (1844-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Iverson Greene (19 JAN 1825-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Jasper (8 APR 1826-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, John (ABT. 1791-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, John (19 APR 1753-ABT. 1811)
Gayden, John (ABT. 1816-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, John (14 SEP 1684-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, John E. (ABT. 1843-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, John Lumpkin (1836-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Julia Catherine (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Louisiana Emily (1808-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Mary Elizabeth (17 MAR 1830-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Mary Fredonia (17 FEB 1851-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Mary Winney (7 MAR 1749/50-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Minerva (1812-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Minerva Cecilia (ABT. 1819-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Missouri C. (14 SEP 1818-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Nash V. (1788-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Newton (1829-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Patsey Martha (ABT. 1772-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Phineas Harrison (1842-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Ralph (2 OCT 1680-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Ralph (1654-1692)
Gayden, Rebecca (27 FEB 1774-14 JAN 1836)
Gayden, Reuben (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Rueben F. (1 JAN 1849-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Rueben T. (12 NOV 1852-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Rueben Thomas (12 OCT 1797-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Sarah (14 FEB 1775-20 JUN 1849)
Gayden, Serafina (ABT. 1813-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Spencer (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Susannah (ABT. 1789-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Susannah Elizabeth (ABT. 1827-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Uriah C. (ABT. 1787-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Virginia (ABT. 1844-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, William (1840-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, William (ABT. 1821-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, William (16 APR 1784-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, William Alexander (ABT. 1826-UNKNOWN)
Gayden, Zachariah Taylor (1845-UNKNOWN)
Getchell, Joanna (22 MAY 1699-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Amanda (1822-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Benjamin (6 JAN 1795-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Cyrus (1840-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Damaris (20 MAR 1717/18-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Dexter (9 JUL 1793-6 MAY 1885)
Gilbert, Ebenzer (ABT. 1693-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Elam (19 NOV 1764-24 AUG 1847)
Gilbert, Elihu (25 AUG 1806-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Eliza Ann (1824-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (ABT. 1702-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (2 MAR 1687/88-17 APR 1688)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (16 APR 1576-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Eugenia Marion (-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Ezekiel (17 FEB 1621/22-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, George (1836-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Hannah (19 NOV 1713-19 JUL 1787)
Gilbert, Henry (1 MAR 1660/61-17 AUG 1740)
Gilbert, Henry (6 JAN 1683/84-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Huldah (28 AUG 1804-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Jarius (3 MAY 1802-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Jesse (8 FEB 1729/30-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Johanthan (8 JUN 1617-19 DEC 1682)
Gilbert, John (10 OCT 1685-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, John (9 JAN 1619/20-29 DEC 1690)
Gilbert, John (18 OCT 1657-1709)
Gilbert, Josiah (27 NOV 1625-22 AUG 1698)
Gilbert, Luke (20 AUG 1769-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Luke (12 SEP 1726-31 MAR 1771)
Gilbert, Lydia (3 JAN 1711/12-BEF. NOV 1759)
Gilbert, Lydia (15 NOV 1755-18 FEB 1836)
Gilbert, Lyman (13 JUN 1798-28 MAR 1885)
Gilbert, Margaret (7 OCT 1580-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Martha (5 MAR 1761-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Mercy (1691-11 MAR 1781)
Gilbert, Miriam (28 JAN 1763-BEF. 3 AUG 1795)
Gilbert, Moses (20 APR 1733-6 DEC 1738)
Gilbert, Naomi (14 MAR 1757-1 OCT 1839)
Gilbert, Naomi (12 FEB 1722/23-27 SEP 1756)
Gilbert, Nathaniel (ABT. 1698-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Norman (1833-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Obadiah (7 JUN 1629-1674)
Gilbert, Othniel (30 OCT 1728-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Ozias (16 JUN 1800-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Parnell (15 JUN 1578-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Richard (ABT. 1550-ABT. 8 APR 1626)
Gilbert, Richard (1 JAN 1585/86-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Samuel (26 FEB 1714/15-6 JUL 1779)
Gilbert, Samuel (7 AUG 1689-16 APR 1778)
Gilbert, Samuel (22 MAR 1759-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Sarah (ABT. 1615-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Sarah (19 FEB 1655/56-4 FEB 1711/12)
Gilbert, Sarah (17 AUG 1720-6 DEC 1793)
Gilbert, Solomon (22 JUN 1767-19 AUG 1848)
Gilbert, Susanna (22 SEP 1752-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Thomas (16 FEB 1611/12-5 JUN 1662)
Gilbert, Thomas (25 APR 1589-BEF. 5 SEP 1659)
Gilbert, Thomas (15 MAR 1657/58-14 MAY 1698)
Gilbert, Thomas (ABT. 1695-UNKNOWN)
Gilbert, Zadock (10 JAN 1754-UNKNOWN)
Gillespie, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Gladden, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Glass, (-UNKNOWN)
Golson, (-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Abigail (11 MAR 1641/42-21 APR 1734)
Goodenow, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Edmond (ABT. 1611-5 APR 1688)
Goodenow, John (1597-28 MAR 1655)
Goodenow, John (1535-7 JAN 1592/93)
Goodenow, Joseph (1645-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Mary (1640-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Nathanial (-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Samuel (28 FEB 1645/46-2 AUG 1722)
Goodenow, Sarah (20 JAN 1643/44-1653)
Goodenow, Simon (-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Susanna (20 FEB 1642/43-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Thomas (ABT. 1647-UNKNOWN)
Goodenow, Thomas (1608-OCT 1666)
Goodenow, Thomas A. (1555-20 DEC 1617)
Goodenow, Ursula (ABT. 1648-23 APR 1653)
Goodenow, Ursula (-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Eliza Ann (1804-1825)
Gordon, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Gordon, Penelope (-UNKNOWN)
Goss, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Graves, Patricia (Private-)
Grayson, Alfred Moore (1 SEP 1796-25 JUL 1835)
Grayson, Andrew Jackson (20 AUG 1818-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Ann Eliza (25 OCT 1812-20 MAR 1875)
Grayson, Catherine (16 OCT 1799-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Elizabeth (21 FEB 1798-15 MAR 1857)
Grayson, James Madison (7 JUN 1809-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, James Stuart (7 NOV 1824-MAR 1869)
Grayson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Lucetta (1 NOV 1801-30 DEC 1847)
Grayson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Minerva (3 SEP 1803-29 JUL 1842)
Grayson, Narcissa F. (22 DEC 1816-12 MAR 1890)
Grayson, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Sarah Young (14 JUL 1805-UNKNOWN)
Grayson, Thomas (1 JAN 1770-14 SEP 1839)
Grayson, Wiley Blount (16 FEB 1807-18 NOV 1870)
Grayson, Zelia Ann (13 NOV 1814-UNKNOWN)
Green, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Griswold, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Gurnsey, Mary (-2 MAY 1715)
Guthrie, Eliza N. (19 JUN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Guthrie, George Wesley (1 OCT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Guthrie, James L. (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Charity (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Ignatius (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Sarah (ABT. 1673-AFT. 1727)
Hagan, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hagan, Thomas (BET. 1643 - 1645-UNKNOWN)
Hamilton, Augusta (ABT. 1830-UNKNOWN)
Hannaford, Bridgett (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, William A. (-UNKNOWN)
Hansbrough, William (-UNKNOWN)
Harding, Anne (ABT. 1530-14 NOV 1588)
Harding, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Harley, Jennet (1 MAR 1667/68-UNKNOWN)
Harley, Roger (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Mary (1 JUL 1645-UNKNOWN)
Harvey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hatch, Agatha (Private-)
Hatch, Bena Maxwell (17 MAR 1899-20 AUG 1979)
Hatch, Carrie Elizabeth (27 JAN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Hatch, Charles Noble (15 NOV 1910-5 MAY 1984)
Hatch, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Hatch, Frank Buckner (Private-)
Hatch, Frank Buckner (13 OCT 1880-27 JUN 1945)
Hatch, Leon McIntosh (6 AUG 1905-UNKNOWN)
Hatch, Leon McIntosh (3 SEP 1919-29 NOV 1919)
Hatch, Mary (8 NOV 1900-UNKNOWN)
Hatch, Richard (27 FEB 1870-23 FEB 1944)
Hatch, Richard Fleming (Private-)
Hays, Hardie Rogers (-UNKNOWN)
Hayward, Abial (-UNKNOWN)
Hearn, Jane Thurman (27 DEC 1816-UNKNOWN)
Hewett, Bridget (-23 AUG 1630)
Hewett, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)
Hewett, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Hewett, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hewett, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hinds, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Hinds, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hitchcock, Abijah (-UNKNOWN)
Hitchcock, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hitchcock, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Hodson, Charity (-UNKNOWN)
Hodson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Hoggott, Mahlon (-UNKNOWN)
Hogott, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Holland, Francis E. (21 SEP 1838-9 MAY 1910)
Holliway, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)
Hook, Alene Van (15 NOV 1911-29 APR 1995)
Hook, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Hook, Elanor Hook Morehouse (-UNKNOWN)
How, Mary (2 MAR 1664/65-4 FEB 1718/19)
How, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Francis S. (-UNKNOWN)
Howard, Hannah (ABT. 1785-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, Charles (12 OCT 1824-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, Lou (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbs, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, W. H. (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, C. B. (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Hurd, Sabra (-UNKNOWN)
Irone, Alan (Private-)
Irone, Mark (Private-)
Irone, Tom (Private-)
Jackson, Ann (1770-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Elizabeth (20 SEP 1795-17 MAY 1843)
Jackson, Marian (9 JUL 1809-UNKNOWN)
James, M. G. (-UNKNOWN)
James, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
James, T. L. (-UNKNOWN)
James, T. L. (-UNKNOWN)
Jameson, Jane Caroline (ABT. 1806-22 FEB 1889)
Jameson, Raphael (-UNKNOWN)
Jane, (1579-BEF. 29 OCT 1637)
Jansen, Aeltje (-UNKNOWN)
Jansen, Dinah (-UNKNOWN)
Jansen, Jan (-UNKNOWN)
Jarboe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Joel (-UNKNOWN)
Jennie, (-UNKNOWN)
Jessup, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Joan, (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Emma Langworth (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Rachel (1767-8 JAN 1842)
Johnston, B. W. (30 MAY 1883-5 MAY 1966)
Johnston, Floyd (26 OCT 1915-19 SEP 1916)
Johnston, Juanita Faye (10 JUL 1924-19 JUL 1970)
Johnston, Ruben W. (13 SEP 1921-7 NOV 1984)
Jones, Adrienne Annette (Private-)
Jones, Cameron Reed (Private-)
Jones, Charles Ola (Private-)
Jones, Charles Ola (Private-)
Jones, Connor Elliot (Private-)
Jones, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Mary Noble (Private-)
Jordan, Carol Ann (Private-)
Jordan, James (Private-)
Kennard, Lucy (1769-1839)
King, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Knox, (-UNKNOWN)
Knox, James (-UNKNOWN)
Knox, Lucy Jane (-UNKNOWN)
La Vigne, Guillain De (-UNKNOWN)
Lamm, Martha Patty (-UNKNOWN)
Lamm, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Langelaan, Annetje Phillipse (-UNKNOWN)
Lary, A. (-UNKNOWN)
Lary, Leona (-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Margaret Muse (2 JAN 1803-UNKNOWN)
Leith, Parthania (ABT. 1791-UNKNOWN)
Leith, Unk (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Anne (16 APR 1710-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Elizabeth (ABT. 1703-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Elizabeth (ABT. 1677-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Jane (ABT. 1706-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, John (ABT. 1704-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, John (ABT. 1640-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, John Zachary (1 JAN 1701/02-20 JAN 1765)
Lewis, Katherine (ABT. 1524-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Mary (19 NOV 1696-19 JAN 1762)
Lewis, Sarah (ABT. 1675-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Susanna (23 APR 1717-1768)
Lewis, Zachary (ABT. 1673-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Altie Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Dinah Aeltje Van (9 DEC 1694-ABT. 1756)
Lieuw, Elizabeth Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Frederick Hendrickse Van (ABT. 1656-8 JUN 1726)
Lieuw, Frederick Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Grietie Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Hendrick Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Henry Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Johanes Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lieuw, Mary Van (-UNKNOWN)
Lilley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Lilley, Eunice (-UNKNOWN)
Lilley, George (1794-1846)
Lilley, Julia (-UNKNOWN)


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