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Award Number: 58

Date:  March 17, 2001

Award Name:  Historic and Cultural Heritage Bronze Award

AS Rating4.0

AS Points:   .333

Web Location: Historic and Cultural Heritage of Perm Region

Presentation Comments:

Dear Richard Fox,

We would like to thank you for submitting your web-site for review. Your site has been reviewed by all our judges. Your site scored 77 out of the 100 available points. 

So... Congratulations! Your website "They Live Again" has met with the criteria needed to win our Historic and Cultural Heritage Bronze Award! 

You have won our award for your very excellent content, easy to navigate and good loading time. 

We have attached the award graphic to this e-mail. We would appreciate if you did not change the size of graphic file in any way. It's file size is small enough already. 

We have listed your site on our Bronze Winners Pages. You can view your listing on our winner's pages by going here:

There is no requirement to link back to Heritage of Perm... Our award is a gift to you for enriching the Internet community and with no other condition ! 

Good luck! 
Rodion Wildonoff 
"Historic and Cultural Heritage Award" 
(is rated as World Top Award by Website Awards, 4.0 by Award)

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