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Award Number: 51

Date:  March 6, 2001

Award Name:  Informed Site Award

AS Rating4.0

AS Points:   1.000

Web Location: My ParenTime's Family Community

Presentation Comments:
Dear Richard, 

Thank you for your application for one of My ParenTime's Awards! Congratulations! After careful review, we have chosen your site (They Live Again) as a winner of MyParenTime's Informed Site Award! 

We offer this award strictly to those web owners who are providing free informative content to visitors of their family-friendly website, and who meet our strict criteria for the Informed Site Award. My ParenTime believes your website makes the Internet community a better place! You are providing informative website content to your visitors, and we'd like to thank you!

Congratulations again on displaying an Informed Site! 

Best always,
Joi M. Lasnick
My ParenTime's Family Community

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