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Award Number: 49

Date:  March 3, 2001

Award Name:  Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites

AS Rating4.0

AS Points:   1.000

Web Location: Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites

Presentation Comments:

Your web site, "They Live Again," has qualified for the Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites. Your site scored 95 out of 105 points. 

I found navigation to be intuitive and simple, with a nice design. The information is valuable for the surnames on your site, but the other information is fascinating. I was exploring your site for a long time. I'll be back. 

Your award graphic is enclosed, which you may display if you wish. Feel free to make the graphic smaller, if that works better for your site. A link back to the award site ( ) is appreciated, but not necessary. 

Congratulations on an outstanding web site. 

Vance Elderkin 
Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites

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