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Award Number: 48

Date:  March 2, 2001

Award Name:  Resource Excellence Merit Award

AS Rating4.0

AS Points:   .333

Web Location: Spiffy Entertainment

Presentation Comments:
Hi Richard, 

Congrats! After a complete review, your site has earned the Resource Excellence Merit Award! From the great informative content, to the nice presentation and design, this site is definitely a resourceful beacon on the web. This is definitely one of the better genealogy related sites I've evaluated and the first of it's kind to be awarded...Nice work! 

The award should be attached to this e-mail. I should also make note of a couple rules in regard to getting listed on the winner's list. First, the award must be displayed on your site. Linking back is optional. If you choose to link back, please do so to: 

Second, you must reply to this e-mail after the award has been placed on your site. Additions to the winner's list normally happen within a day or two of the reply. 

Congrats again! - 


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