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Hidden Pearls - Gems of the Internet Award

Award Number: 35

Date:  February 12, 2001

Award Name:  Hidden Pearls - Gems of the Internet Award

AS Rating3.5

AS Points:   1.000

Web Location: 1 Stop Sites

Presentation Comments:
Congratulations Richard! 

Your site has been selected as a recipient of a "Hidden Pearls - Gems of the Internet" Award. Your site received 178 out of a possible 200 points, qualifying it for the award. 

This award honors excellence in design, graphic elements and content. Your site, They Live Again, is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in climbing their family tree. The layout and graphics beautifully enhance the content. 

Your award is individually labeled and numbered for authenticity and is attached to this email. A link to They Live Again has been added to our winners page at  with a brief description. 

A reciprocal link is required for winners that display their Award. When you place this beautiful award on your site, please link back to  Please email the location of the award on your site within 7 days. 

Again, congratulations on being among the "Gems of the Internet". 

The Hidden Pearls Awards Team

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