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She has a wonderful site - please give it a visit!!

Award Number: 33

Date:  February 2, 2001

Award Name:  Vicki's Family Award

AS Rating3.0

AS Points:   1.000

Web Location: Vicki's Place

Presentation Comments:

Thank you for your interest in my awards! I have viewed your site and it is with great pleasure that I present to you my "Family Award"! 

Your hard work and love shows on every page and you are certainly deserving of this award. 

If you should decide to post your award, please remember to link it back to Vicki's Place at so others may apply. :) 

I have sent your award as an attachment to this email. 

Once you have posted and linked your award, please let me know and I will be very proud to add you to my "Winners" page so others may enjoy your site as well. 

Once again, thank you for applying and congratulations on your hard work! 

Vicki :)

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